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  1. Norbert
    November 10, 2015 @ 10:54 pm

    miss I think you’re hearing tnghis we carried on with this until she was beginning to get really wound up! Then when she turned around to write on the board all the people on my row of tables swapped places. She didnt notice until she pointed at the girl now sat in my place and called her my name. All the class was trying so hard not to laugh!!! When the teacher put her glasses down on the table somebody took them and hid them without her noticing and she was frantically looking for them for ages! The person put the glasses back on the table in the exact spot they were before and I casually said Miss, they’re on your desk. This went on for ages until eventually everybody was talking and our french teacher screamed louder than ever for us to all shut up and the whole class went quiet as the teacher went purple! as soon as miss stopped shouting the whole class burst out laughing at how cross she had gotten!! Miss ran out of the classroom almost in tears and we all carried on laughing! I think we must have scared her off because she wasn’t in the next day!


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