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  1. Cynthia Fisher
    October 21, 2020 @ 2:31 pm

    This happened at our home on Lake Tahoe in CA. Our guest came down the stairs one morning and luckily noticed a bear in our kitchen! He had come through a window in the dining room and found his way to the kitchen. He apparently had opened the refrigerator door and was helping himself! The guest made some noise, and the bear quickly left through the same window. I only wish the guest had been able to take a photo of the experience.
    We had been warned about the bears coming out of hibernation in the Spring, so we knew they would be coming for the garbage cans. Everyone on our road, including us, had built garbage can sheds up on legs to keep it all safe. However, one year, they were obviously hungry, because they ripped the door off of our shed and, again, helped himself!


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