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  1. tim alexander
    September 13, 2021 @ 7:00 pm

    many of these things dont sound very appetizing but i have a real problem with some of your opinions. if you dont like squirrel or turtle, you’ve never tasted it or are to stupid to try it. there is a hunting season on squirrel in most or all states. they are not predators so they must be ok. i’m 78, ate them all my life & i aint dead yet. same with turtle. sea turtle are the best with green turtle #1. they have been protected since the early ’60s but i was able to get a few when i was a kid. soft-shell & snapping turtles are also excellent. soft-shells are legal & delicious. never heard of a poison turtle but i really dont know. you left out some tastey critters. frog legs, python & rattlesnakes, we got them here in south Florida & they are great. rabbit, coon are also good. my point is todays ,idiots, the ones that think mcdonalds hamburgers grow on trees & are above eating wild things dont know what they are missing. I’ve hunted & fished almost all my life & I’ve tried all of these plus & it disgusts me when i see todays fools think their steroid injected meat is healthier than natural wild meat.


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