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  1. Emil Iannace
    March 19, 2023 @ 5:50 pm

    Unbelievable,Amazing I also love cars


  2. Bob Phipps, Sarasota, Florida
    June 16, 2022 @ 2:36 pm

    After seeing your video, I was absolutely ‘speechless’ and then I read the many reviews or comments from other people who also
    saw your video, and I agree whole heartedly with every one of them…You are an ‘amazing’ and ‘talented’ young man, but most of
    all, you exhibit an honest and sincere passion for your love of cars! You may be young, but ever so ‘wise’ for your age!
    God Bless You! Stay well and keep motoring! Friend, Bob


  3. Robert Kirsopp
    June 7, 2022 @ 1:03 pm

    Made my day!! What a amazing young man.I am thrilled ti share with my friends


  4. Sandra Cadwallader
    May 9, 2022 @ 12:28 pm

    I loved watching this video! Seeing this awesome young man’s collection of amazing vehicles and the way he portrays them was so heartwarming!


  5. Sherman
    May 9, 2022 @ 7:34 am

    After seeing the scene at “Nardo Land”, I thought
    1) Has he been to an antique car show? He could even assist judges in determining originality of the entries.
    2) See if the History Channel will put him on an episode of “American Pickers” when they go to a huge vintage car collection


  6. winton cleary
    May 3, 2022 @ 5:06 pm

    ALL RIGHT ANTHONY !!! Very cool…Very good. Keep on truckin and carin.


  7. Marti
    April 20, 2022 @ 8:49 am

    Anthony is a unique and awesome young man and so is his mom for recognizing his special ability and allowing him to expand his horizons. He is going to do great things with his life.


  8. Al Robinson
    April 20, 2022 @ 8:37 am

    I always told my kids.. “The difference between an amateur and a professional is the ability to turn things around and triumph, even in the face of adversity. An amateur whines, a pro gets to work and gets the job done.
    Anthony is a pro, inside and out, so are his parents.
    Well done young man.


    • Lynne Zucker
      April 23, 2022 @ 10:55 am

      This was absolutely wonderful. He’s an amazing young man. Would love to purchase his photo book for my boyfriend who’s an avid car guy. Can you post how to get a copy?


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