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  1. Barrie Osborne
    June 24, 2020 @ 12:51 am

    Being a Nam vet from Australia I remember the song well. It evokes a lot of memories. Some good; others bad. The lyrics probably resonated with every military member serving in Vietnam at the time. Still get choked up when hearing it. It was the day when a lot of song lyrics (not all) reflected the attitude and lack of understanding by civilians. We weren’t gung-ho soldiers there because of the Communism threat or the so-called domino theory. We were there because we had no choice. That was what it was like for most of us. I had some experience with U.S. soldiers when attached to American units. I still grieve at the cost of this war to America and the early lack of recognition which was the same in Australia. I fully endorse Paul’s comments — a lost youth that we never found.


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