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  1. Nancy
    August 10, 2023 @ 7:53 pm

    I am amazed, well, not really. Schools have become a ‘war zone’. I grew up in the 50s and 60s. In a small town. Our HS and the teachers there were wonderful. I was in AP Math, Studied Ancient History, Civics, English, Chemistry, Biology, Geometry, Typing, Mechanical Drawing, and an hour of PE. I was a cheerleader, and a band member before that. We had a debate club, chorus, Nursing Assistants, FFA & FHA, and competed locally, regionally, and in state competitions. All sports. Our parents belonged to the PTA and supported anything their children were in. Traditional family, church members. Our parents would restrict us if our grades were not up to par, and their expectations were high and they challenged us. Our children are both grown and married, with 2 Seniors this fall and 2 who graduated this year. Our oldest earned her doctorate, our second one is working and next year she will go on to earn her doctorate and plans on being a PA. We’re proud of them, but they were raised to be productive and their children were brought up to do the same. Having an out-of-wedlock baby was something to fear because of our parents. We were encouraged to try new things. I took private art lessons the entire 5 years I attended HS. Children nowadays expect things to be given something for doing nothing. I’m a Baby Boomer and proud of it. I worked for my Dad from the age of 14. Our sons worked and paid for their own cars.

    But, now? This country is full of people who don’t care about anything. They take drugs, alcohol, and other vices and don’t think about what it does to them or their families. The world is a ‘throw away’ society, divorce if things are going your way, trade in your spouse for something younger or richer. NO COMMITMENT. They ‘expect’ the government to take care of everything. They drive fancy cars, have a lot of gold jewelry, and then live in shanties. But, as the old saying goes. If you have to choose between your car or your house? Keep the car and get rid of the house. You can ‘sleep’ in your car, but you can’t ‘drive’ your house. SAD! They’d rather beg at the corner of the parking lot in front of grocery stores, and if you look around them, there is a new car parked in the shade behind them. They have a sign which reads – “Will work for food.” But hand them a sack of groceries, they don’t want to work. Fine, give that bag of groceries back to me. I get accosted by men and women wanting a few dollars or some change to buy gas for their car and then others will stand down at the Dray Line for day work. I don’t mind helping someone who wants to work and better themselves. pay for the electricity to be turned back on. No, they want money to buy another ‘fix’.


  2. Scott Adie
    February 17, 2023 @ 10:17 am

    None of those kids could pull out a wet fart.


  3. Elaine
    February 13, 2023 @ 2:10 pm

    We’re doomed. Aren’t they teaching anything of importance in school today?


  4. Linda
    February 13, 2023 @ 10:32 am

    You got it Sharon! These young kids need to go back to school and stay out of trouble!
    How are they going to get a job in life if they don’t know anything!!


  5. Jack Bouchez
    February 13, 2023 @ 9:13 am

    Nothing funny about this. They are morons. A burden on society.


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