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  1. David Kropelnicki
    January 17, 2022 @ 10:15 am

    Outstanding joke! Reminds me of one I heard a very long time ago.

    Three men went hunting in Alaska. They brought along all of the needed food supplies, as well of inflatable mattresses for each person.
    They also invited Uncle John, who was a friend and the camp cook.

    The first night the hunters tied knots in Uncle John’s sheets and never mentioned the incident to the hunters.

    The second night the hunters put sand in Uncle John’s sheets. Uncle John quietly woke up, shook out the sheets and went back to sleep.
    The next morning, Uncle john woke up and the hunters were standing around him. They told uncle John he was a good fellow. Uncle John smiled and stated, ” you are not going to put any sand in my bed? The hunters replied no. Uncle John then asked, not going to put any more knots in my sheets? The hunter replied NO! Uncle John stands up and states great. Uncle John then states, excellent and I will not piss in your coffee any more!


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