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  1. Longini
    November 10, 2015 @ 10:30 pm

    Well, Field, as many people have made comemnts on this, I apologize for being late to the party (sista on business travel and no access to a computer, sorry).I have gotten that treatment where white bosses have appreciated my knowledge, skills and abilities on the job, and allow me to do my thang, as long as it’s understoond I make them look good.Fine, by me.The only times I was fired from a job in my career were by sistas who especially got upset that “The Man” noticed I had mad skills.Add to the fact I worked for a brotha out in San Francisco, and I was the only African-American on his staff; but he chose to treat me differently than my non-Black co-workers:(1) one got two months off with pay to study for the California bar exam (she flunked)(2) one guy had MS, but his meds kept him from being totally disabled, but he used that to con the boss into doing dude’s job;(3) They all got to work overtime without him watching over them.How I got treated by this same brotha:(1) had to punch in and out (when I muttered something about going to the Union, he made the whole office punch in and out)(2)had to submit leave slips before I could go anywhere (and sometimes he didn’t approve of it, even though he allowed the others to come and go as they wished)(3)I got invited to present at a major conference here in DC. When he was notified of my selection, brotha told me I had to take my own vacation time to represent the City and County of San Francisco. Then, his boss got wind of my selection to this conference, told my boss to allow me to go on company time, represent at the National level, and give him a briefing to the Health Commissioners Board when I got back (something my boss never got to do).Brotha man started flat out harassing me, and not sexually, cause he was gay. He used to subject me to bad hygene when I’d have to meet in his office and he smelled like he and his man got some early morning lovin’ – but he failed to do one thing – TAKE A DAMNED SHOWER AND BRUSH HIS TEETH!!!Can you say, “EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW”.After three years of that shyt, I went to the union and asked for a meeting to discuss his blatant discriminating treatment of me compared to my colleagues. Rather than face the music, brotha asked for and received a transfer from our office.You always have one of “us” who wants to so prove to “The Man” that he/she will treat us no differently, or favorably than the non-Blacks they supervise. And that was probably girlfriend’s deal with you.I’m not saying it was right, because it wasn’t. It is but another indication of the subjection our race has gone through, and the impulse to compensate when it isn’t necessary.Until our people get schooled on the “not necessary to compensate for previous bad actors” lesson, unfortunately, we’ll all deal with this crap, even if you call them out on it.But call them out on it, anyway. They’ll either step up to the plate and correct their behavior, or opt like my boss did, and run for cover because I was right, and he knew it.As for the sistas?One got fired, and one got under a federal indictment for fraud (she fired me because I wouldn’t sign off on an agreement stipulating a contractor was in compliance with Civil Rights laws, when I hadn’t done an investigation).They didn’t fire me because I was incompetent (fat pay outs to me until I found another gig) they fired me because they were haters. And we sistas need to stop hatin’ on each other.Sorry for the long post…but I understand exactly what you went through.


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