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  1. Chris Joshnick
    March 20, 2022 @ 8:50 am

    Oh for those good ‘old days. Strapping on roller skates and skating up and down with our friends. Pick up sticks and hopscotch took up most of the day. Of course “hide and go seek “and “mother may I”were enjoyed by all of us. Laying on the floor listening to “the green hornet” and “the fat man” were just of a couple we listened to every week on the radio.
    Oh yes, those were indeed the good ‘ol days. I have often wished my children could have experienced the growing up years that I did. Hay rides in the summer and sleigh rides in the winter were to be enjoyed to the fullest and we did.


  2. Patty H. RN MA
    February 14, 2022 @ 10:45 am

    I know that looking back often looks better but perhaps that is because it was. There no cursing or swears. Sunday was church day, Prayers were learned. Bibles were read. We played games outside until we were called in. We were always outside exploring and making up games.

    Statistics today are awash with violence, looting and burning. Sure there were problems but nothing of the catacylsmic kind we experience today. We need to return to the hard and fair values that our parents taught us. Cops were not killed. They were treated with respect.

    We WERE better. I don’t know if we can turn the clock back but I sure wish it would be great if it were possible.

    God bless the days of the 50’s.


  3. Jan Schilling
    December 14, 2021 @ 1:47 am

    You know, life was easier…follow the rules of your parents,and thatprtty muchkept you safe and happy. I knew of no family where the mother was bringing up kids without fathers…fathers that had never beenthere. No drugs, no alcohol, no foul language, teachers were respected, homework was required ( by parents and school), life was simpler….and memorable. Movies were entertaining…don’t remember a movie that I wasn’t allowed to see. I don;t want to seem to be an “oldster”, but i do believe the advent of the computer games were the beginning of many problems….certainly the kids of today don’t play outside…they are glued to their screens. We had street hockey, sandlot baseball games, swimming holes, hide and seek, tag,…to name a few!
    Wih it were possible to turn back the clock!


  4. Butch Stoddard (1942)
    December 12, 2021 @ 2:11 pm

    Nobody got shot at school! Teachers were respected, and drugs were
    not used. I bought an old car cheap with my paper route money at 14,
    when I got my drivers license. Elvis was the rage and did not fight
    being drafted at the height of his career. Gas was cheap, and so was food and candy like a Hershey bar for a nickel that is $1.25 now plus
    tax. Foul language in public was punished right away. Domestic
    violence was rarely heard of because men were taught not to hit women. Those were better times to grow up, and young people now
    are struggling because Social pressures from electronics make mental health problems that we did not have, thank goodness.


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