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  1. Lola
    February 22, 2012 @ 7:17 am

    Thank you all for allowing me to tell you what has been going on here. I do hope in all sincerity that these guys are caught, put in jail and throw away the key. Usually I do keep all my receipts. This was an oversight as I had been in the hospital from December 15th until January 9th. A “little loopie” with medication. When the cash was given, I wasn’t thinking, as not feeling all that great. Medicine didn’t help my thinking process. Yesterday, I waited to hear from the Township, Police, Sewer Department etc., only waited so long, then went out with my boyfriend and said, take me to the lake to relax (an hour away). Freezing cold, it cleared my brain. Today, once I return from physical therapy, I’m going to the township personally. I left messages for everyone, I know everyone is angry and upset, but not with me, with the contractors. Somehow, that isn’t helping me, the work still has to get done, and I have to take these jokers to court. But you all know the old cliche “What goes around comes around.” The other cliche is “You will never be blessed for doing evil to the innocent.” I have faith that things will work out, trouble is, when and before something else bad really happens. Thank you all for your input and support. Just keep me in your prayers please. You all have a beautiful day!


  2. Lin
    February 21, 2012 @ 9:14 pm

    Thanks for letting us vent here, it’s appreciated so much. Lin


  3. Lin
    February 21, 2012 @ 9:13 pm

    I am glad things will work out with time and a lot of effort. Your nerves must be going nuts. Still don’t understand why you’d be stealing the tools. But that’s the rules I guess. Glad you checked into this. Sorry your neighbor has problems too and hope he’s not upset with you.
    Also, hope the workers get in lots of trouble and headaches. What if a child had fell in the hole they tried to cover up? Then they’d sure know big trouble wouldn’t they?
    Maybe we should start us a club since all are so nice here. This is the best email of my day and I look forward to it so much.
    We had a man come to cut down a tree and he didn’t finish it but wanted his money, silly me, I gave it to him. He went out that night (Fri), got drunk and put in jail. When he got out still he did not do it, he said he would. Finally a neighbor helped my son cut it down. I did not even think about a receipt…..duh. My son was a bit upset.


  4. Ruby
    February 21, 2012 @ 6:33 pm

    Lola, hope you learned to keep you receipts, especially if you are going to pay in cash. There are a lot of unethical people in this world and they prey on the trusting.


  5. Bev
    February 21, 2012 @ 4:39 pm

    Lola I am so sorry all this happened to you. But glad you let people on here know because it teaches us all that we should never pay anyone until they get the job done. There are just too many scammers out there that will take advantage of people. After they get your money they don’t care what kind of mess they leave you in. It is so sad that there is very little people you can trust anymore. I don’t know how they can live with themsevles. I pray you soon get everything worked out.


  6. Lola
    February 21, 2012 @ 7:53 am

    Good Morning Lin: Well, here’s the latest. I’m not allowed to keep the tools as that is considered stealing. BUT, the cops, the township, the Sewerage department, fire department are now going to get them, fine them and put them in jail. Unbeknown to be, when I made a non-emergency police phone call, explained the situation, a neighbor called the police, because in doing the back of my house, they took the lid off the big sewer, destroyed a pipe, and now another neighbor is suffering as I still am. I had more officials here yesterday than you can ever imagine. They are infuriated. The police said I have to take them to court on two issues….to get my money back, and to finish the work that they started, which is very dangerous right now. The Township and police are working with me, the sewer company is going after them, as they had the hole covered up with limbs, leaves, and so much water backed up in the lines, so now another neighbor is suffering what I have suffered.

    My accountant is going to work with me as well. Since I paid them in cash, they’re holding the receipt. That being said I have copies from my bank, and the IRS will be contacted since they got paid in cash (which is considered income) and not reporting it on their tax returns.

    That’s it for now, as things progress, and you want to learn more, just say the word. I don’t want to bother this site with things that have happened to me regarding the picture that was posted above, that was suppose to be funny. Have a great day!


  7. Lola
    February 19, 2012 @ 12:48 am

    Lin, I came back home two days ago I have two lab/chow/miniature collies, and two domesticated cats. Motels don’t take kindly to one animal let alone four. Of course I had to pay to keep them there, but, I couldn’t be driving back and forth from the motel to the house with contractors in the house and leaving them alone. I have no choice but to stay here. Latest news is I made an non-emergency 911 call to the police department here regarding the contractors and the money they won’t return in addition to not finishing the work. They have their tools locked in my shed, and in order not to get into trouble with the law, I want to know if I have the right to hold onto their tools until they finish the work that I paid them for. I’m going to the township on Monday and speaking with the Senior Code Enforcement Officer. I’m so rattled I don’t know whether I’m coming or going.
    Tonight, I just decided to get away from everything and went dancing by myself at a lovely club/restaurant. I had a marvelous time. I do a great deal of line dancing since I don’t have a partner. But, some kind gentlemen did ask me to dance with them. We had a blast. They know I go there every so often. We sang, danced, laughed (and none of them have any idea what is going on in my life.) I’ll be hurting tomorrow, I think I danced every line dance there was, and trying to learn country/western. The people are very friendly, and when they saw I was sitting at a table in a chair alone, kind of beating with the music in the chair, women and men, waved me out. I had a wonderful evening and a delicious meal which I brought home in a doggie bag. That will be my breakfast, lunch and dinner tomorrow. The stress is stopping me a great deal from eating too much. I’m 64 but have no intentions of letting any grass grow under my feet. I didn’t mean to rattle on, but I’m on a high for now, just concerned how the police and township are going to assist me in handling this situation. But its now time for me to close. Thank you all for your support, prayers and thoughts. I think right now its the only thing that is keeping me going. But facing what needs to be done (no, I’m not going to talk about it anymore. Just wish I could ask someone to help me get things done here.) Good night all. Thanks again


    • Ruby
      February 19, 2012 @ 9:07 am

      Diversions are good ….


    • Lin
      February 21, 2012 @ 12:05 am

      Glad you are home. It is difficult to guess what the police will tell you but I’d be most interested to hear the report you get.

      i hope you get to keep tools till the work will be getting finished.
      I’ll be 66 in March. Wish I had your energy to do a night like that. So happy you got to go. Most people are nice given a chance. Lin


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