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  1. Peter G
    October 18, 2023 @ 11:31 am

    Still scary. When my wife was young she was on an overseas flight with her folks, looking out her window just in time to see one of the plane’s engines just fall off. In the “old days” when folks didn’t worry about stuff so much, my wife and I were flying from Puerto Rico to Philly, returning from our honeymoon. The plane was a large DC-8 with only seven passengers scattered about the cabin. About halfway through the flight two passengers got up suddenly, with guns drawn and moved quickly to a passenger near us. They immediately put the surprised passenger in handcuffs and moved him quietly to the back of the plane. It turned out the guys with guns were FBI and the guy they grabbed was number 2 on the top ten list. They had to wait to grab him until were had passed the border in North Carolina. Cool but very scary.


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