It’s a proven fact! Cat videos are actually good for you. So don’t feel guilty watching and thinking it’s a waste of time. You are actually doing yourself a favor!

Cat videos: the not-so-guilty pleasure! There was a new study released this week by Indiana University Bloomington assistant professor Jessica Gall Myrick who surveyed almost 7,000 people about their viewing of cat videos (with the help of Lil Bub’s human Mike via social media). The study found that watching cat video’s can be good for you. People experienced fewer negative emotions, less anxiety, sadness and annoyance after watching cat videos he study said.

After watching internet cat videos people had increased their energy, positive emotions and overall felt better! People that watch cat video’s at work or while studing were more prodcuive which helped them not feel guily! So go ahead and watch cat video’s and be happy!

There were 2 million cat videos posted on YouTube in 2014, according to Internet data cited in the study. With almost 26 billion views, cat videos had more views per video than any other category on YouTube!!