American Bandstand 1967 – Swing Dance Contest Finalists

The Swing Dance Contest has been going on for about 4 weeks now and today we get to see the finalists all together for the first time. The couples are:

Couple #1: Frank Vanderpuil and Judy Michaud
Couple #2: Bernie Keats and Diana Bower
Couple #3: Mick Tisherman and Robin Morris
Couple #4: Stan Sobern and Marcia Silverman
Couple #5: Norm Mull and DeeDee DelCampos
Couple #6: Dan Green and Olivia “Liver” Favela

For those who don’t know already, the winning couple eventually was…..Couple #1! (and for those who don’t read descriptions you will be left to wonder forever, lol)

Airdate 02/25/1967

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